Still here & DIGging it


Hey fellow blog friends!

I’m still here. I don’t want you to think I’ve abandoned my blog. Sometimes, life just gets in the way- I’m living it up and fail to write it all down. Apologies.

To get you caught up to speed in the last two weeks…

I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run! Quick recap- I didn’t have a great race. Coming off the Palmetto 200, my legs were sore and just plain tired. I still managed to finish under an hour, but it was no where near my best time. However, I still managed to have fun and that’s what it is really about to me!  The race was also a success because I was training the most wonderful client for it! It was her first race back AC (after children) and she was able to run the whole race! I know she will be back for more racing and she will take crazy minutes off. a HUGE congratulations to her!!!

This past weekend I attended/volunteered at the DIG SOUTH interactive conference. Congrats to all who work so hard to make this event happen. It was so inspiring to hear so many wonderful presentations and panels. It reinvigorated something else I am equally passionate about- digital strategy. ( I wonder what’s next for the blog….eh?)  In addition to the smart folks in attendance there were also some crazy fun social & music events to join as well.  The last one I attended… I left dressed as a ninja turtle.  I may not go into anymore details here. =)

Next up on my agenda is the i5k on Thursday! I’m excited for a short race, to run for the Foot Store , and to “run into” some of the Charleston digital gang I met this past weekend.

Everyone have a great week & happy running.



Reebok Spartan Race Info & Giveaway


Hey everyone!

I have finally resurfaced and dried out from the 2014 Palmetto 200.

Due to the large amount of pouring rain, this was definitely the most challenging race (both mental  & physical) that I have ever been through.

It’s incredibly difficult to sit in a van and wait for your turn to run  in the middle of the night, after having no sleep, in a monsoon.

But you do it. Your team needs you.

You manage to quiet the voice inside your head that’s asking the persistent question “Why?” and you open the door, head to the transition cone and wait for your teammate to emerge from a black curtain of rain. It’s your turn now and you go. No questions asked.

The Palmetto 200 is not for the weak minded or faint of heart, for it takes both to complete the journey.

At the end, you finish with a smile on your face.

After telling the tale of our journey, a different question always surfaces. “Would you do it again?”

Yes, I would.

I love a mental and physical challenge and the confidence that racing gives me as a result. It has taken time to get this far and some people don’t “get it.” But that’s okay, everyone must find their own adventure in life.

Fortunately for like-minded folks, there are a variety of adventure races that have popped up all over the country… from ultra relays to mud-runs to ecothons, the challenge is up to you!

I’m happy to offer Run With Adrienne readers a FREE Spartan race entry! These adventure runs range from a sprint series (3 miles) to obstacle courses over 12 miles! Talk about quieting your “why” voice and going for the challenge.


Visit their site and find a race this spring & summer season near you.

I’m also excited to offer a 15% discount to you as well. This link will generate a code for you- good for any Spartan race!

Unsure of what to wear for your adventure racing? The new Reebok All Terrain could be what you need.


Lightweight and breathable this shoe has it all. With a rubberized tongue (complete with holes to help expel water) the Reebok All-Terrain has been generating a ton of excitement. Everything from it’s ability to drain water, to it’s lightweight breathable construction has the trail running folks talking about how they can’t wait to get them dirty. Make sure you keep your eye out for it on the shelves in the next couple weeks.

To enter into the free race entry giveaway just follow the link below.

a Spartan Race Entry giveaway

Happy Running!!



disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for posting this giveaway.

Palmetto 200 Tips


Happy Spring!

Hopefully most of you are out and about enjoying the lovely spring temps!

I’ve begun to associate the warming weather with one of my favorite races- The Palmetto 200.  The P200 is a 200 mile relay race from Columbia, SC to Charleston, SC.  Teams of 4- 12 people take turns running 36 different legs in this A to B style race.

Most teams start very early in Columbia on Friday morning March 28 and finish mid afternoon on James Island Saturday, March 29th.

Last year was my first stab at this style of race. It’s very different from a typical long distance road race. Depending on how many legs of the course you run, most people average over 20 miles in the 24 hours period. Last year I ran around 23 total and this year I’ll be running about 22. Your legs are varying lengths… sometimes you’ll run only a couple of miles, others are upwards of 9 or 10.  Depending on how many folks are in your team, you can have about 4 hours in between your runs. (We have a team of 10, and it works out to be about 4-5 hour rest.)

I am getting super excited about this years relay! We have a similar team to last year, with a couple of new teammates. (One of which is my brother!). This race is so spirited, it’s a little nutty at times (very little sleep involved…) and your body is given a great challenge– but to me, these are the elements that make the P200 so unique.

There are a few things I learned along the way last year, that I wanted to be able to share with folks doing the race for the first time. Hopefully these tips will make your ride as comfortable as possible!

1. Bring a foam roller. Yes- it takes up space, but you will be so happy to roll your legs/back/etc out in between your runs!

2. Bring a stick for rolling out your calves in the car. I found that the greatest physical challenge is having to sit in a car. Rolling while you sit, keeps those important muscles from getting so sore.

3. Don’t rely on finding restaurants along the way for food. Show up to the race prepared by having a cooler full of items. Be prepared to eat all of your meals out of this cooler/food bag.

Easy snacks are: bananas, apples, granola bars, pretzels, clif bars (energy bars), trail mix, bagels, hummus etc

Easy meals are: pre-made sandwiches (all types – peanut butter, turkey, veggie, black bean), pasta (easy to store in a tupperware container), pre-cooked veggie pizza sliced

4. Be sure to bring plenty of liquids. Yes, many transition stations do take place at gas stations early on…but as the day/night continues most are at churches.  Most importantly have plenty of water (there aren’t water stops along your routes), Gatorade, coffee or tea (likely to be drank cold, but at 1 am before your 2 am run … you may need a little “pick-me-up”), and a little ginger ale is smart in case anyone starts to feel a little car sick.

5. Medication box. To include travel meds such as tums, ibuprofen, band aids for blisters, sunscreen, bug spray.

6. I would recommend you bring a change of clothes for each leg you are running during your race. It’s no fun to sit in a car in wet, stinky running clothes. Trust me, no one in your car wants you to do this. I also suggest having plastic bags to tie off your worn clothes to prevent the car from stinking. Also, these make good trash/recycling bags. I start to feel stressed out when the car gets dirty. And it will. Along with this comes the TOWEL. Sometimes if there are short legs, your car will have to drive to the next transition quickly and you wont have time to change into your clean clothes. You will need a towel to sit on in the car, so you don’t get your spot all gross.

7. Sleeping items. A travel pillow… a small blanket… a sleeping  bag or tent for those vans who plan to sleep at the  transition stations. Last year my car was so tired, when we got to our last transition station at 4:30 am ish, we just slept in the car. When we woke up, I saw that a lot of folks were sleeping on picnic tables, the grass, anywhere.

8. Good music. Music that makes you want to stay awake. Not take a nap.

9.  Yes to Cucumber Facial Wipes. Last year, these really provided a “shower-like” experience. I’d rub a couple all over myself and it helps you feel fresh. I suppose you can include this in your toiletry kit. Items to include in that would be DEODORANT, toothbrush/paste, extra hair bands and any other personal items.

10. Extra running items. Never hurts to have an extra pair of shoes, socks, shorts, etc. Never know when an important item will have a blow out.

11. Bring something fun to decorate your car/write your team name on it. The competition between teams is really fun and it was fun last year to see all of the van decorations. “Group Shower” team — I’ll be looking for you and your rubber ducks.

That’s all I can think of at the moment ,but I’m sure there are more! The most important thing about this race is to just have fun and run. Cheer for your teammates, other teams you meet along the way, and try not to count all the roadkill from Columbia to Charleston.

If you have run the race before, please leave any advice you would have for newbies!

Our team is called #chafedunmentionables so be on the look out!

Happy running,


Most of the team after we finished!

Most of the team after we finished!

Catch the Leprechaun 5k- Race Review


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sorry I’ve  been a little MIA in the blog land recently, a week of sick time and some travel for a family wedding had me a bit behind schedule.

The 5k race on Thursday, March 13th- was absolutely wonderful! I’m not sure if it is the St. Patty’s day spirit, the flat course, the costumes or the bag pipes, but this is a fun race.

I ran this race not for a PR, but as a pace race for a client that I’m training for the bridge run in just a few weeks.

I wanted her to do a 5k pre-bridge run, so we could evaluate her pace, race day prep, and get into the racing spirit!

Luckily, we had great race evening weather. It was a little chilly, but most importantly sunny. The course is pretty much an out-and-back along Patriots Point. The scenery is just wonderful and this can be a fast course for those of you looking to improve your 5k times.

My only real “complaint” is that those people who couldn’t stay for the after party, couldn’t leave the parking lot when they needed too. The parking lot exits out onto the race course, so I believe we had to wait until most finished the race up. I’m not sure much can be done about this, but something to keep in mind in case you want to sign up for the race next year– make sure you can stay for the party! =)

Congrats to Kimbia Racing for hosting such a wonderful race! It’s easy to see why there is such a great turn out for this local 5k !

Bridge Run Tips & Tricks


6 weeks until the Bridge Run!

Hopefully by now you have started training to run up this beast:


For the past  few weeks, I have been training a client specifically for this race.

Today, I thought I would share a couple of tips to help you make it over in 1 piece.

1. Pick a light post on the left side of the bridge and run to it. Giving yourself shorter goals to break up the full length of the uphill part provides small “wins” as you go. It makes it less daunting and more manageable. Celebrate each time you make it to your short goal. Next thing you know- you are at the top!

2. If you need to take a few moments to speed walk up- Do it! Give yourself until the next light post to walk, and then start running again.

3. Lean into it- Lean slightly forward and pick up your feet. Short quick strides are easier going up… Use gravity to your advantage and stretch it out on the way down.

4. Breathe. Take deep breaths in and exhale quickly out. Enjoy the scenery and the wind (hopefully) at your back. –>wishful thinking, right?

5. If you have the luxury of training in Charleston before the race, don’t just drive to the bottom of the bridge and run up. Park about 1-2 miles before the bridge on Coleman and run there (and then up). After all, that’s what you’ll be doing race day! Might as well train that way!

In other news, I have recently become a #SweatPink Fit Approach Ambassador! I am so excited to join this community to learn more & support women as they work to stay in shape & have fun. Good times ahead!


So what other tips do you have for training for a race with a big hill in it? What costumes are you looking forward to seeing this year? I love the bridge run- I think this is my 6th one and I cant wait!

Happy running!